2020 - Anne and Paul

Northern Beaches Hospital - Parliamentary inquiry report - Paul to SMH, 27 Feb 2020

The report of the Parliamentary Committee inquiry into the Northern Beaches Hospital was published today.

Its recommendations are as much about re-establishing services at Mona Vale Hospital as about the NBH. This confirms the folly of Brad Hazzard’s decision as Planning Minister in October 2012 to site the NBH Hospital in what NSW Health’s “robust qualitative analysis” in 2005 deemed to be a poor third-choice location, an error which will be further exacerbated when we finally learn the quantum of the cost blow-out with the associated roading “up-grade”, currently running almost two years behind schedule.

The Committee’s single “Finding", and the related recommendation “that the NSW Government not enter into any public private partnerships for future public hospitals”, constitute a clear admission that this model was a serious mistake. Unfortunately no-one seems to be even considering the possibility that the government negotiate/buy Healthscope out of the contract.

In an honourable world, the politicians responsible for this débacle would be falling on their swords.

Stupidity? Weakness? Greed? - Paul to SMH, 9 March

One of the main recommendations regarding coronavirus is to avoid crowds. Overseas, major sporting events are being postponed or take place behind closed doors, to be watched only on tv. But what does Australia do? It allows 86,174 to cram into the MCG! 

 Did Cricket Australia, or whoever was running the tournament, even consult the medical authorities? Firstly playing in dangerous bushfire smoke, now this. Are the medical authorities too weak to act? Or are they under the thumb of politicians who consider sport more important than people's lives? I suspect greed comes into the equation too.

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